Passing On The Baton

Paul and Janis Wegner are passing on the baton of leadership of Liberty Inc after 14 years. Paul and Janis are relinquishing the day to day administration of Liberty. They’ve done a terrific job and we thank them for all their dedication and hard work. Their heart is still to journey with people and to share the change they have experienced in their lives. Paul will still be available for professional counselling.

“What an adventure we’ve been on with Liberty”, Paul says. “First coming to Liberty 20 years ago, when I no longer wanted to live a double life secretly acting out homosexually. This was the beginning of a long journey of discovering the beautiful father heart of God, acknowledging that there were unmet needs in my life and meeting those healthily, to living in the complete freedom from same sex attraction. It’s hard to put in a few words what the last 20 years have meant. Thank you to all who have been a part of our lives and all glory to Jesus Christ.”

Liberty Brisbane welcomes new CEO, Paul Tuxworth. He is well qualified to take up the position, he has a social work background and many years counselling, group work and training experience. Paul Tuxworth and his family have recently returned from the Philippines where he was assisting international Christian missions in the area of child abuse prevention and response.

Paul Tuxworth “believes the current political environment makes holding a biblical perspective on LGBT issues increasingly difficult and the Christian church will need organisations like Liberty more than ever, to help navigate the changes that lie ahead.”

Teaching, support and referrals to qualified/experienced counsellors has historically been the core business of Liberty, and Paul Tuxworth anticipates an increasing demand for those services. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and support as Paul Tuxworth and the board take Liberty into the future.

We thank Paul and Janis Wegner for their tremendous hard work, commitment and dedication to Liberty and look forward to continuing to work with them over the coming years.

In Christ,

The Liberty Brisbane Team


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