Where would I be without Liberty Inc?

I shudder to think.

The first time I met Internet p0rn0graphy, it was an accidental encounter, but it was the beginning of a very dark period of my life.  I was immediately sucked into the “Internet p0rn0graphy vortex” as I like to call it.

After progressing to watching p0rn0graphy into the night and watching the sun come up over a period of months, my work life, personal life, relationship life and spiritual life, all spiraled  downwards.


I discovered that without realising it, I was – accidentally almost – addicted to p0rn0graphy and no matter how hard I tried, even the harder I tried, I could not stop.

After unsuccessfully trying s3xaholics Anonymous, reading books, using white knuckling restraint, being prayed for and fasting, I was unable to be freed of it.

When I found Liberty Inc, I immediately felt that it was the only place that had truly understood me.  I was not judged – like I was at church, I was not condemned – like I did to myself daily and I was not made to feel embarrassed – like I did around people.

I was able to make gradual progress with the education, support and training that Liberty Inc provides to finally be p0rn0graphy and m*sturbation free and eventually marry the perfect woman for me.

I cannot speak highly enough of the life changing work that Paul, Janis and the Liberty Inc team provide.  If you know someone whose life is out of control or s3xually broken in this area, don’t put it off suggesting they get help a day longer.

It’s wonderful now to wake up in the morning without the shame, guilt, condemnation and b*ndage that I used to carry.”


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