We offer counselling to those struggling with their gender or sexuality.  We also provide counselling and support to their families and friends. We extend Jesus Christ’s unconditional love and share the hope we have found, with you.


We understand your privacy is very important and under no circumstances do we reveal your personal details, contact details or circumstances to anyone, unless we have your written permission or are legally, or professionally required to do so.

To help maintain your privacy and confidentiality, we have put the following measures in place for your protection. we will only recommend counsellors who are:

  • Professionally trained and qualified or undergoing a qualification from an accredited training institution.
  • Suitably experienced;
  • Members of an appropriate  accredited Australian Professional or Counselling Association.
  • Committed to receiving their own regular supervision for accountability and professional growth.


If you’re new to counselling with us, the general process is:

  1. You’ll be referred to a counsellor that’s matched to your gender, situation and background.
  2. They will arrange a suitable time to meet with you.
  3. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Complete a counselling session with you.


If you’d like to book a counselling session right now, please:

Email us at and suggest a few suitable times and we’ll get back to you.