Smiling Young ManWe offer individual counselling to anyone struggling with their sexuality and relationships. We extend Jesus Christ’s unconditional love and share the hope and freedom we have found, with you.


We understand your privacy is very important and under no circumstances do we reveal your personal details, contact details or circumstances to anyone, unless we have your written permission or are legally, or professionally required to do so.

To help maintain your privacy and confidentiality, we have put the following measures in place for your protection. we will only recommend counsellors who are:

  • Professionally trained and qualified or undergoing a qualification from an accredited training institution.
  • Suitably experienced and;
  • Members of an appropriate  accredited Australian Professional or Counselling Association.
  • Committed to receiving their own monthly supervision for accountability and professional growth.

If you’re a Christian, you’ll be pleased to know all our counsellors are:

  • Born-again Christians;
  • Ongoing members of a local church;
  • Required to provide ongoing evidence of accountability, continuing and increasing intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
  • Variety of locations to meet.
    Liberty Inc offers a safe location for counselling. However, if you’re concerned about being seen, other arrangements may be considered. Alternatively, telephone or Skype consultations are also available.
  • Variety of payment methods.
    Cash, direct deposit or cheque from an Australian financial institution.


If you’re new to counselling with us, the general process is:

  1. Have an informal chat on phone to see if we’re able to help you (15 minutes or as needed).
  2. You’ll be referred to a counsellor that’s best matched to your gender, situation and background.
  3. Arrange a suitable time to meet with you.
  4. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  5. Complete a counselling session with you.

Counselling Times

All consultations are by appointment only for either 30 or 60 minutes.
Telephone appointments are limited to 30 minutes.  This is due to most counsellors and clients finding it difficult to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Face-to-face consultations are limited to 60 minutes.

Consultation Frequency Smiling Woman

It is very rare that more than one consultation per week is needed and only in specific circumstances would this be recommended.

For most people, a weekly consultation is adequate and as progress is made, this is reduced to a fortnightly or monthly consultation.

Consultation Length

It is important that you do not become dependent on your counsellor. The objective therefore is always to provide support but not create a co-dependency situation.

The amount of time that you would see a counsellor in an on-going basis varies greatly and can be a couple of months to in excess of 12 months. This is something that you would discuss with your counsellor and is taken on the uniqueness of your situation. It is never an overnight process.


Note: Whilst we request fees for counselling, we recognize that Liberty Inc is a ministerial organisation and in cases of genuine financial difficulty, no one will be denied help.

30 minutes session
Over the years, we’ve found that 30 minutes is the optimum time for telephone counselling sessions. Telephone calls require a higher level of concentration due to being only auditory. Limiting sessions to 30 minutes will prevent yourself and your counsellor becoming fatigued.
60 minutes session
$45 (Student)
60 minutes session
Single Consultation
$80 (Standard)
60 minutes session
Single Consultation

We also offer a discount on Standard sessions if you pay and book three (3) sessions in advance. Instead of the normal $240.00, it drops to $200.00.

For payment options, please review the Payment Options section.

Scheduled Times

Please be punctual to all appointments.

If you have a telephone counselling session, we request that you phone us at the arranged time. The number to call will be provided by your counsellor beforehand.

Payment Options

We accept the following forms of payment for counselling:

  1. Cash (face-to-face appointments only)
    You can pay cash direct to your counsellor during your face-to-face consultation.Please note that our counsellors do not carry cash and may not be able to provide change. To avoid disappointment, please bring along the correct amount of funds.(We do prefer electronic payment methods if at all possible.)
  2. Cheque
    Please make cheques payable to ‘Liberty Inc’ from an Australian financial institution.
  3. Direct bank deposits
    For direct bank deposits, please transfer funds to:Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    Account name: Liberty Inc
    Account number: 00910746
    Account BSB: 064 121When transferring funds, please use your name in the description of the transfer so our accounts team can identify the funds as having come from you.


We require at least 24 hours notice for any cancellations.
If you email or leave a telephone message with us, please do not consider it cancelled unless you have received acknowledgement of your message.

Cancelling or rescheduling at the last moment does mean that someone else has missed out on that appointment time due to short notice.


If you’d like to book a counselling session right now, please either:

Call  (07) 3390 4250 from Australia
Call +61 7 3390 4250 if calling from outside Australia.  (Note: We use for calculating time zone differences.)

  1. Email us at and suggest a few suitable times and we’ll get back to you.