Administration Assistant

Role Type:
Part-time, volunteer
Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm
Brisbane CBD, Queensland
Three months trial period with a view to longer term engagement
Assist in the day-to-day and week-to-week administration tasks of Liberty Inc.
Reports To:
Chief Operating Officer


Your responsibilities will involve:

  • maintain weekly bookkeeping
  • telephone work including answering incoming calls and calling back clients to make appointments
  • sending out packages from enquiries and orders
  • writing procedures and helping create internal systems
  • responding to email enquiries
  • coordinating counselling sessions, support groups and events
  • electronic filing of all documents (ie. online)
  • dictating from electronically recorded files (.MP3 or .WAV)
  • upholding the beliefs and core values of Liberty Inc when dealing with all clients


You will need to be:

  • a competent organizer of people
  • an excellent organizer of paper, folders and documents
  • able to follow instructions according to internal processes
  • very proficient with using a computer including:
    • management of files, documents and folders
    • traversing the internet
    • basic research using Google
    • creating and editing Microsoft Word documents
    • creating and editing Microsoft Excel documents
    • using Microsoft Outlook (or other email program) to handle incoming and outgoing email
    • be familiar with email etiquette
    • basic understanding of what Blogs, Forums, Facebook and Twitter are
    • basic understanding of Google Sites for maintaining internal staff areas


You will need to sign a non-disclosure and privacy agreement to uphold the confidentiality of all clients and activities of Liberty Inc.


We do not require any formal qualifications for this role.  Providing you are able to perform the work satisfactorily, we are happy to engage you.

Religious Persuasion

We are a Christ centered Christian organisation and do require individuals who are:

  • Born-again Christians
  • Ongoing members of a local Christian church
  • Required to provide evidence of ever-increasing intimacy with God

To Apply

Please email your resume/CV to:

Application Close Date

5 pm, 31 Dec, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Liberty Inc.  We appreciate you!