Privacy Policy

We understand your privacy is of paramount importance to you and under no circumstances do we reveal your personal details, contact details or circumstances to anyone, unless legally required within the limits established by the Australian State and Federal Governments.

To help maintain your privacy and confidentiality, we have put the following measures in place for your protection:

  • All our consellors are professionally trained and accredited.
    It is mandatory for all counsellors working with Liberty Inc to be qualified or undergoing a qualification from an accredited training institution and be a member of an accredited Australian Counselling Association.
  • Variety of locations to meet.
    Liberty Inc offers a safe location for counselling. However, if you’re concerned about being seen, other arrangements may be considered. Alternatively, telephone or Skype consultations are also available.
  • Variety of payment methods.
    Cash, direct deposit or cheque from an Australian financial institution.