Support Groups

Support, Recovery and Accountability Groups

Support Group CoupleIf you’re feeling alone in your journey and need support or accountability, consider our support groups. We limit the size of groups to make the environment intimate and real.

Gap Fillers

A support group for parents and those whose loved ones experience same sex attraction or gender dysphoria.

How do Christian parents respond when their child tells them they are in a homosexual relationship? And they both say they love God?

Initially, you question everything.

  • How can they believe this is okay?
  • Where is God in all of this?
  • What have we done wrong?
  • Can we still have a relationship with our son or daughter?

“We know that God is Sovereign and still in control and we must trust our son to Him. We can’t change his thinking. We need to trust in God’s faithfulness.

We still love our son dearly and try to accept and love his partner too. Is this easy? No, but with God’s help we can. We pray for them both. We have told our son that there are two things that will never change : God’s love for him and our love for him.

This journey would have been far more difficult without support from Liberty and the Gap fillers group. We praise God for them.”
~ Jason & Renee

Taking Ground

Is a recovery and accountability group for those struggling with sexual addiction and pornography.

Due to the increasing availability of pornography on the internet, many Christians are struggling under the bondage of sexual addiction. Tragically, many believers are living a double life – caught between an outward expression of respectability and a hidden compulsion to sin sexually.

Christian men who want to break this addictive cycle are the target group for Taking Ground. It provides a safe supportive environment to do the hard work of: facing pain; failure; loss; and encourages a healthy view of ourselves and our sexuality while growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

“I was able to make gradual progress with the education, support and training that Liberty provides to finally be free and marry the eventually perfect woman for me.

I cannot speak highly enough of the life changing work of the Liberty team. If your life is out of control or you’re sexually broken in this area, don’t put it off a day longer.

It’s wonderful now to wake up in the morning without the shame, guilt, condemnation and bondage that I used to carry.”
~ Phil, 33

If you’d like to apply to join any of our groups, call us for a confidential chat or send us a private email. Our groups are run subject to client needs and resource availability.